Advanced Sniper

The Unity Game Template, with Realistic Sniper Shooting System. this kit can help you create a shooting game like Sniper Ghost Warrior in a simple steps.

4.4 stars on Asset Store

Advanced SniperAsset Store4.4

Create your own Sniper game or Zombie Shooting range in a few steps

Core Features

  • Action Bullet Effect such as Hit and Slow motion Effect
  • Realistic long range shooting system
  • Action Bullet Camera
  • Action Bullet Presets
  • Zombie Shooting Game (Sample)
  • Sniper warfare Game (Sample)

Mobile Ready

Advanced Sniper Starter kit come with standard FPS controller for PC and Webplayer and also come with touchscreen controller for any mobile platform, includes touchpad drag and gamepad GUI layout, Simple to custom a layout and Re skin. you can release your own zombie shooting range or sniper shooting game within a day.

Simple Integration

You can integration Advanced Sniper Starter Kit to any shooting system in a few steps. if you want a slow motion effect or like to see a zombies get hit by a bullet in high speed camera and many more action effects from this kit, But don’t need to change any code in your system much. this is a simple way to make it works in any project.

Video Demo



Super super cool sniper system that comes with a few really nice example scenes – one is basically almost a zombie invasion! Cam following the bullet is beyond epic, lovely camera angles, this is very cool.

Gareth Murfin

So much fun!

This asset is just waayy too much fun. I have this incorporated with UFPS and was as easy as he says. I am also using this on mobile and it runs great!


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