Dungeon Breaker

The Action Multiplayer RPG Starter Project. Standalone and Mobile devices.

4.4 stars on Asset Store

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Create any RPG Games : Singleplayer or Multiplayer in a few steps

Core Features

The Action Multiplayer RPG Starter Project. available on standalone and mobile devices. this project will help you create your own multiplayer RPG in a few steps. the project come with many features of Standard RPG game such as Quests System , Inventory , NPC and many more included. and also Mobile devices ready.

Create your Gameplay

The project also includeds with many features and several gameplay style such as Third Person Action RPG , Topdown RPG hack and slash , Adventure Co-op You can play around with friends build your heroes, create your story, and enjoy your own Multiplayer RPG.

You can create your world, adjust your role setup your quest, setting an Items and put an enemies spawn, all of them is in a simple steps, the package come with sample demo and the documents will guide you step by step.


Video Demo



This is awesome.. in every way. The developer is so responsive and helpful. The product has recently undergone a re-organizing so finding things in the project is a heck of a lot easier, the docs were recently updated and make a whole lot of sense, and there are demo scenes for several styles of gameply.

I will be a loyal Hardworker Studios customer for a long time to come.

Rock on.

rick collette

A real gem

I’ve downloaded a few similar assets before I got what I was looking for, and this was it.

To be honest, in the beginning, I let this asset ‘sit on the shelf’, as it was my first big project with Unity and everything looked pretty overwhelming. Especially without some of the things ‘I’ like to have when I’m leaning something new. (Video tutorials etc.)
I’m glad I stuck with it. Reading, and re-reading the docs was helpful, but the having a look through the demo scenes and seeing, (and de-constructing), how everything was set up, is really where things began to make sense for me. Also, scripts were easily transferable to any new monsters/characters I was using for my game without a ton of tweaking, so that was another huge ‘tick in the box’ for me.
I’ve experience varying levels of support with different assets, but this developer so far has been very responsive to any and all help requests. He even went so far to develop a new script that wasn’t part of the package, but that I really needed for my project.

I would not hesitate recommending this app and developer to anyone who may be on the fence. A++


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