The Multiplayer FPS sandbox Game Template. This Kit can help you to create a sandbox, multiplayer, open world game in a few steps.

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First Person Shooting : Survivor Open World Game Template
Create a game like WarZ in a few steps.

Core Features

This kit can help you to create a sandbox, multiplayer, open world game in a few steps. The pack also comes with several different gameplay modes such as Death Match, Survival Horror, and Zombie Swarm. You can create your world, customize your rules, and enjoy the games with your friends.

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all this authors assets are amazing and well worth checking out
please add melee like fists so you at least have way to hit them when you do not have a weapon
also please have it so that zombies just get stuck all over the place, perhaps some path finding.
please add crouch and prone and logic so that zombies see and hear players less when crouched and even less when prone.
please add concept of planting seeds (that you get from harvesting plants/trees that have seeds) and those planted seeds growing into plants/tree that you can harvest
please also adding concept of recipes and cooking. so basically its like crafting, but for food using needed ingredients you harvest from plants and animals


Awesome stuff to get started

This pack is really awesome to start with. Great out of the box Day Z minecraft gameplay and even self hosted servers (MP).
However I had to fix a lot of minor bugs in the code (like mouse screen lock etc).
But still love it a lot! The MP code however needs also some improvements like how to handle lag and timeouts etc, overwise the game is really likely to be desync. Also the new cars flip when hitting a zombie, they must have some kind of weight to deal damage and let zombies or other players flip away.
If this is also fixed this is one of the best assets here ever!


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