Weapon System

This is a Complete weapons template with more features included. all weapons is ready to attach to your game object and make the weapon system easily.

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Complete Weapons and Templates, Ready for your games

Core Features

This template includes with many type of complete weapons, such as Homing missile , Machine Gun , Cannon , Grenade launcher , Shotgun , Napalm explosive and many more, the template is very Flexible you can create any new more weapons in a few steps and also mobile games friendly.

Multi Purposes

Weapon system are available in any game styles, actually its ready to use in any purposes. such as 3D First person shooting , add a Homing missile to your Air strike game , add a Cannon to your Battle Tank and also works with any 2D platformer game.

Simple Integration

This system is very Flexible to customize and simple to integration with any type of project, you can create your new weapons in a few steps by using these templates and add many more features just by setting some parameter on inspector.

Video Demo


Great Asset!

Wonderful asset. Easy to integrate into your 3D game. I liked some of the coding principals the developer used. However, 2D isn’t truly supported yet… prefabs still use 3D colliders, etc. (but developer said he would work on it). You’ll need to integrate object pooling for explosions and projectiles for increased performance. I added a chase camera to the rockets for some great visuals.

Charles McCann

Great Weapon Assets

I bought this during the last sale. Glad I did.
I was able to apply the weapon system to a A-10 and was shooting bullets in no time. Next on the list is the missles.
Very well documented and very easy to apply to your existing models.


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